Gigantic photo catch up

6 May

Title sums that up nicely. 


its been a year

6 May

My blog was accidentally thrown into a box and somehow wound up in the back of my attic. Apologies! So, Ive made a list of self improvements to work on. Here they are in no particular order.

-Be more intentional with my blogging. I miss it. 😦 And one day I’ll be so glad for all the photos of babysat to look back on.

-Decide some sort of meal plan with regular food. Fast food got me feeling blech.

-Keep exercising. This week has been a rough week with funerals, etc. But I plan to get back at it next week. πŸ™‚



Photo Catch Up

26 Apr

a look back at you over the past 4 months. (It’s weird not posting your monthly update, but I’m sure I’ll have stories to interject here and there.) 
You’re kind of amazing. 

Love you. 



Bringing Joy

26 Apr

I’ll always have room for you in my lap. No matter how big you get.  

It’s been months since I updated. Life is very busy. My only excuse is that I’ve been busy trying to enjoy it with you. I find myself sitting here just moment after your long, dark lashes have closed for the day, reflecting. I still haven’t posted your birthday party pictures… I’m only 5 months behind. I’ll get to the desktop soon, buddy. Having you has put our lives into a big fast forward. I really wish time would slow down. I try really hard each day to savor a few moments with you. I burn images of you throwing your head back to laugh into my brain. You point to the sky and say sun or moon and in those fleeting moments I try to stop whatever I am doing to remember those exact moments. I often wonder if my brain has enough room to hold them all. I’m sure every mother thinks this about her child, but let me tell you something. You are truly special. You are full of wonder and excitement, questions and curiosity. And happiness. The simple things make you extremely happy. I wish I had that capacity. You are happy being barefoot in our backyard playing in the dirt. Waving sticks in the air and pointing to birds and worms. You are, quite simply, a happy boy. 

You make me joyful, Sawyer. Even on days that are bad and I am tired, you make mamas heart sing. I love you. 


Letter 22

24 Oct

Dear Sawyer,

Another month in the books and more fun for you. Deviating a bit from our regularly scheduled update, but it’s hard to believe you will be two in two months. They tell you time flies when you have kids, they just don’t mention it going at warp speed!

Back on track… This month we celebrated daddy’s birthday at Mexican with some good friends. You shared trucks with Cole and books with Brooks and Mason. We went to Uncle James and Aunt Vanessa’s gender reveal and we have decided it will be an arranged marriage for you and sweet Scarlett. πŸ™‚ we went to visit Gigi; where you entertained all of the little old ladies by “helping” them “exercise” (you also ate Some of Gigi’s lunch!), found a new park to play at and celebrated Super Cole’s birthday! You loved playing with his new scooter and running all over the playground. πŸ™‚

We still pick Cara up from school, and I think she is one of your favorite people in the world. You literally light up when you see her! We visited with Maw and Paw for dinner several times. As usual, she spoiled you with cookies and big hugs. You got to meet Cooper dog and none of us could tell who had more fun- you, or him! I think you are your Maw’s main boy. We also had a day where Jake came and stayed with us. You two played so well all day long. He even rode with us to pick Cara up from school. A little while later, Ryan came and you had a lot of fun in the playroom with them. You love your friends. And you LOVE your cousin. I’m so glad you two seem to get along so perfectly. Must be the age gap. πŸ™‚
















Your vocabulary is getting wide. You’re saying things like “red light” and “NO.” Not mamas favorite, but at least you are staying things we understand more and more. You could eat macaroni and cheese, bananas and turkey wraps everyday. Quit throwing food, dude. It’s rude and embarrasses mama so bad in restaurants! You are a climber. Your teachers keep telling me you like to lay on the table at school. I am not surprised. I can barely keep your feet on the floor at home. You have started hitting. Also not cool. We are working on it. You love to wag your eyebrows at people you love. Up and down. Cracks mama and dada up! πŸ˜‚
You are sleeping in your bed, kinda. You either get out or roll out sometimes. I find you in the floor at odd hours of the night. Big boy bed coming soon, sweets. I promise. You still love to be read to. Which I love. You always bring dada or me a book and say OK? πŸ™‚

Sawyer, we love you so much. Thank you for being the silly, sweet, charming little boy you are. ❀️


Letter 21

20 Sep

Holy cow, you’re 21 months old! August was a fun, fun month. Another ear ingestion and cold for you (of course), and a two week break from school. A week back at School, another ear infection (seriously- I’m thinking tubes, and soon.) lunch with Aunt Maggie, lunch with Alisha and then we left for the beach!

We had so much fun. You did not let us sleep in one single day, and you climbed out of the pack and play for the first time, too. You fought us on naps, streaked blindly toward the ocean, and threw sand. Ok, that doesn’t really sound like fun for us parents, (we totally need a vacation when we got home…) but you did seem to have a good time. We captured new photos at the museum, the pier and of course of you passed out in the kiddie pool. You liked looking for shells, chasing the bocce balls, playing corn hole and getting into everything we could imagine. Seriously dude. You kept us on our toes. You did take a good nap for your Maw one afternoon and dada and I were able to enjoy a little time together on the beach. You also peed on your maw as soon as you woke up. So much for leaving a dry swim diaper on you to sleep in. Lesson learned, kiddo.

















On our travels back, dada and I decided to put a few things to the test when we got home. So we put you in your crib while we were unpacking. With your new found climbing skills from the beach, you climbed over and nearly took the three foot drop toΒ the hardwood. Too close for our comfort. We had to take the front off of your crib that night. The first night you did great, but it has been a learning process for us all since then. πŸ™‚

Cant wait to see what next month has in store for us, my sweet boy. Mama and dada love you so much



Letter 20

20 Sep

*Ahem. You keep me on my toes. This post is 2 months overdue. My apologies, Mr. Demanding.

20 months old. How does time slip by so quicky? July brought its share of fun and excitement. You continued to enjoy school. (Mrs. Charla and Mrs. Debbie took such good care of you!) You made art, sang songs and you have started talking more! School has definitely helped you hit some milestones I was becoming a little concerned about. School also gave you its fair share of germs. πŸ™‚ All to be expected, but no fun all the same. You had another ear infection and a nasty cough that lasted for weeks. Aside from that we love school.

You hel[ped baby G celebrated his birthday at the beginning of the month and had a park date with Jake. You also went to the park with Ryan and Mama. You love your sweet cousin so much and it makes mama’s heart happy to see the two of you together doing things. Your great Uncle Mark took us to the Anderson County Fair and you had a blast there, too! You got to ride ponies, meet the canine unit, eat a corn dog, ride some rides and play a few games. We also Celebrated GiGi’s Birthday and had cake!












You have a new favorite book, Little Owl’s Night. Its a sweet bedtime story and we read it several times before bed. You like to point out the frog and the cricket. You also like Little Red Truck. Dada makes the vroom sounds the best, so you usually drag it over to him to read. Your diet remains fairly decent, but you have days where you eat like a bird, and that a little weird, considering all the chowing down you have done up to this point. You love your milk and hate water. I usually have to cut G2 with water to make sure you stay hydrated in this hot weather. Bedtime has become a hot button issue. We never know if you will just go to bed or go to bed for four hours and want to sleep with us. We are working on it. You have actually pooped on the potty several times. (Flukes!) You do NOT like to sit on the potty, but we get you there when we can catch you. You have become the stealth pooper. πŸ™‚

Growing so fast, but you will always be mama’s baby.

Love you so much, sweet child of mine.